It’s 29th of April and while I am writing this post, I am counting down to my solo trip to Vietnam. If you asked me how I feel, definitely I will answer with: both happy but quite anxious. I have made some progress since my last post. And I’d like to share it with you!

The Itinerary

(Boa Indie Bookstore – source:

I mentioned on my previous post that I still had no idea on where I should go. Right after I got my passport, I felt like I should make one. At first, I just want to go without any plan and let see where my feet will bring me to. But, at some point, I feel to anxious and end up Googled some interesting destinations around Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC/Saigon).  Here they are:

  1. Cu Chi Tunnels — Well, no need to explain further. I have told you I really want to go to this site.
  2. War Remnants Museum — I know. I know. Some people have said that it will make the tourists uncomfortable to visit a war museum. Let’s see if I can survive one.
  3. Notre Dame Basilica — A good site to take many picts, eh? And it’s free!
  4. City Hall Building — Strolling around French-theme building, why not?
  5. Saigon Central Post Office — Same. Who knows I will send some postcards for you :3
  6. Nguyen Van Binh Street — They said, it’s quite popular for its pedestrian bookstreet
  7. Boa Indie Bookstore — A beautiful indie bookstore that I have to visit!
  8. Kafka Bookstore — Same. An indie bookstore is more than just a mandatory visit
  9. Trails and Tales Walking Tour — I found this kind of activity/community on the Internet and I want to give a shoot. Looks interesting!
  10. Vietnam – Kamboja Border — Thanks to Lonely Planet (yes, I read it) for giving me such information that I can reach the border easily by bus. And if I have plenty time, maybe I will pay a visit to Pnom Penh.

The Preparations

It’s quite hilarious since I didn’t think too much. I have applied for my new passport by the end of March and I got it 2 weeks before my departure. Yes, I know it is risky enough since the rules said if I didn’t come back 30 days after I issued my application, I have to re-apply the passport.

Next, I still have some problem on how much money I should bring and the urgency for bringing credit card there. Until today, I haven’t decided yet. I have exchanged some but there is some mistake on my budget planning, so, I do the re-count to make it enough for me to survive there (and to buy some souvenirs).

The rests? Beside I did shopping for some new equipment, I prefer to borrow it from my RKMENTEE mates. Yudi has backpack, Enje has SDCard and powerbank. Some necessities like sunglasses, I got it from my nephew.

About the clothes, I don’t think I need to bring many since I have asked to my hosts that there are plenty laundry service in our neighborhood. So there will be some big space inside the backpack to store the souvenirs. I will wear my running shoes and bring my Wakai (just in case). No Dr. Martens :p

The Book I will Bring Along!

It is impossible for a bookdragon to travel (and to travel alone) without bring any book. So, I asked Kobo-chan to come and he said yes immediately. I let you to peek out what inside his:

  1. Neil Gaiman’s Graveyard Book — Who doesn’t love Neil Gaiman, anyway?
  2. Han Kang’s Human Acts — My circle keeps talking about it and now I get curious on how good the book is.
  3. Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale — It has been in my to-be-read but I just don’t get the mood. Now, Netflix is showing its book adaptation series which become a sign that I should read the book ASAP

Anyway, that’s only some part that I can share to you. Still, I feel both excited and in the same time, I feel so damn nervous. But, if you have many information you want me to know, just tell me! You may want to stalk my trip through my Instagram account on: hzboy1906. See you <3

— April 29, 2017

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  1. Iki piye kok terus ora dibacutne… Wis mangkat wis mulih meneh wis liwat bakdo…

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