It’s good to be back to this lovely nest! Anyway, this is my first post which I have tagged by someone since I left my previous on pianisbelel. Thank you Sinekdoks for tagging me! Let’s having fun, shall we?

  1. When was the last time you guys reading something for real? — Seriously you asked this kind of question to someone who admit herself as a bookdragon? Just kidding! what is the meaning for “real”? If you mean that I would really get into the book, I’d like to say, I was enjoying my time when read All The Bright Places (sorry, I haven’t posted the review yet hehe). Long story short, the book is about 2 teeangers, a boy and a girl, who are struggling on their own battle of their mind. Finch is depressed because he feels useless and he tried to throw himself from the school building and Violet, a girl who is fighting from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) after her sister killed in car accident. You may name this title has similar story line as The Fault in Our Stars, but, for me, this one made me weepy and teary. I don’t know how many times I want to re-read the book. It’s just too beautiful. Like, I know how Finch feels about being such a failure.
  2. Which one is getting overrated: novel adaptation or comic book adaptation?*thinking for a moment* I can not give you the exact answer because I am a novel reader. I believe that, you can not judge a book or a comic either from its movie adaptation. Many readers set (super) high expectation since the author (or maybe their agencies) published that the novel/comic will be come up as a movie. But, as you know, not many of it really get the heart of many fans. Both are overrated. Let’s say, The Fault in Our Stars (Young Adult novel by John Green. A best seller) succeed with its adaptation and then come the others (like, Me, Earl, and The Dying Girl and so on). So does the comic. Star Trek, Marvel’s, DC’s.
  3. IF you should adapt a novel or a comic book to be a movie, which title would you pick? — LOL. I LOVE THEODORE BOONE SERIES BY JOHN GRISHAM. I know. I know. Many people said I just can simply watch Law & Order, but it’s totally different with a kid as a lawyer! Is there anyone want to make into a real movie?
  4. And who would you set to direct and star? — No. Nolan can make it into good movie but I think he will make into the dark one (like, The Dark Knight, maybe?). But, yeah, give him some try. Aaand the one who will play as Theodore Boone? I don’t have any idea. Sorry.
  5. When was the last time you cried while watching movie? — I couldn’t remember it at all. Rudy Habibie, if I am not mistaken. The part when he’s dad passed away and some flash backs when he tried to “breathe” while he’s in Germany. Not worth to cry over that scene? How about Toy Story 3? The ending, when Andy gives all of his toys to a little girl and he plays together with her. For you who grew up with Toy Story, you know how it feels.
  6. When was the last time you got a real guilty pleasure? — Last night when I should run for my report but I chose to watch Stranger Things instead. Once I postponed my task, I know I will go for extra hours in the office. It’s okay as long as can watch the entire season 1 of Stranger Things (than being spoiled on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr) :p
  7. What concert did you last see? — Barasuara Taifun Tour at Gudang Sarinah. Since I moved to Bekasi, I rarely attend any gigs. In Surabaya, when I was still a student, I could go for any gigs which I thought it would be interesting. Barasaura Taifun Tour Jakarta really gave me the “happiness” vibes because I could jump and jump and jump and sang along and screamed with the people in the same frequency as mine. I hope Laruku and Babymetal will make a tour to Indonesia!
  8. What’s your feel-good song? — It’s hard for me to choose either it is Halsey’s Young God or Barasuara’s Nyala Suara. Both give me chill whenever I need it evetho Halsey and Barasuara have different genre. But sometime, I can go with Keane’s Bend and Break. My playlist is jumping from one to another like my mood. Have I told you I have kinda mood disorder, eh?
  9. What song reminds you to your last heartbreak? — Yellowcard’s Only One. Like, I listened to this song and really touched me when I had my first breakup (and I couldn’t move on because of this song). There’s a time when I browsed thru Spotify’s playlist and found this. The old memories came back as I listen to this song.
  10. Tough one, Marvel Cinematic Universe or Star Wars? — OMG YES IT IS THE TOUGH ONE. But I think I’m gonna choose MCU for sure! The explanation? Because its merchandise is way cheaper than Star Wars (and even DC!) :p
  11. Help me settling this Oscar dispute, Boyhood or Birdman? — I haven’t watched Boyhood yet so I choose Birdman, All hail Edward Norton!

As you know, there are some fundamental rules I should obey to receive and pass this award:

  • Post award on your blog (done!)
  • Thank the person who nominate you (done!)
  • Answer the 11 questions they set to you (done!)
  • Pick another 11 bloggers (and let them know they are being nominated) (see below)
  • Set another 11 questions to them! (see below)

And here we are, my 11 questions for you, the lucky person I tag:

  1. Why did/did not you sign up to have Spotify account?
  2. What concert do you want to attend so bad?
  3. If you can choose a music instrument to play, which one would you like to be master at?
  4. What is your most favorite tv series so far?
  5. If you can choose a spouse from fictional character from a tv series/movie, who is the lucky one?
  6. Would you like to tell me your way to watch an entire season of a tv series?
  7. What is your best treat to appreciate yourself after surviving the most depressing situation?
  8. Mind telling me your motivational quotes/speech to boost up your mind, mood, and spirit?
  9. Do you believe in “pressure makes diamonds” kind of thing?
  10. Just use your imagination, why was Pluto being dropped out from the Milky Way?
  11. I’d like to know your opinion about “feminism” as act of gender equality, please?

The 11 lucky bloggers are (this is another though task):

  1. Rizky Nindy Lestari my lovey dovey
  2. Fazrah L. R. Heryanda my sweetest girl ever
  3. Primadita Rahma my wonder woman
  4. Abduraafi Adrian my best best best friend
  5. Tisa Larasati my bravest girl
  6. Avenzoor my smartest guy alive
  7. Rahmandana Junita the crafty lady

I have 4 spots left and I give it to anyone who want to play with us! Feel free to leave a comment. Once again, thank you Sinekdoks!

— August 26, 2016

One thought on “The Sunshine Blogger Awards 2016

  1. I got the wrong question for you for #1 :)) anyway, I love how you mention Toy Story and Stranger Things there! Stranger Things, tho *wink*
    Anyway, I just attended Barasuara’s gig, too; the third time of this year. Next week will be the fourth :))
    Love your picks when it comes to song! Aaaaaand… you haven’t told me about the mood disorder.
    Anyway, thank you so much for participating and for passing on the torch! Love your write-up 😉

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